equipe artistique

Shlomi Tuizer

Choreographer. Born in Israel.

Shlomi Tuizer received his main training at the Bat-Dor school in Tel Aviv. 

He began his career as a dancer for the Batsheva Dance Company working with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Angelin Preljocaj, Jiri Kylian and Russel Maliphant.
He then collaborated with Hervé Robbe in the National Choreographic Center in Le Havre, France, as well as with other choreographers  such as Joanne Leighton in Brussels, Lionel Hoche in Paris and Wally Cardona in New York.

In 2002 and 2003, he creates his first pieces How soon is now and B-side commissioned by ‘Art Tower Mito’ in Japan.
Since 2004 he collaborates with Edmond Russo with whom he co-founded the company Affari Esteri.
Together, they created several choreographic pieces among which inside ##### in the National Dance Center in Paris in May 2009 within ‘Les Rencontres choregraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis’ Festival, Lings, presented in ‘Festival Meteors’, in Le Havre, in May 2010 and embrace, the latest creation, in the Festival ‘Faits d’hiver’ in Paris in January 2012.
He also creates Dry water and Materia Prima for the company Tenerife DanzaLab in Spain,  Dolentem (2009) and Encircling (2011) for the group Coline and Precious Things (2012) for the National Superior Dance Conservatory of Paris.

As a performer, he recently accepted the invitation of the SACD for a creation with Fabrice Lambert within the prestigious event ‘Le Vif du Sujet’.

Projects for 2013 include Tempéraments- a new creation for his company, MotherTongue- a commissioned work for 12 dancers from different Mediterranean countries, and a creation for the National Superior Dance Conservatory in Lyon.

Parallel to projects of creation, he proposes spaces of research and exploration around the choreographic act in the form of workshops, training courses and classes in numerous structures and companies in France and abroad.

He currently lives in Paris, France.