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« (…) The more we immerse in ourselves, the more we open, because the more we approach the germ of our totality, the more we approach the germ of the totality of all men.
We can thus say that subjective invention is the only means of discovery of objective realities, the only one that gives  men the possibility of communicating between them. »
Piero Manzoni
embrace :  intertwine, comprehend, contain.
embrace investigates the sensitive and variable relation of two men facing each other, forced and collusive in their search of different forms of identification.
It is in the sliding between values of identity that poetic intentions are being deployed: from a lovers’ narrative to a game of similarity, from a social body to a sensitive body… the other as a witness or a mirror, as support and companion at the same time. 
Formal traits act as echoes: Unison, symmetry, repetition…
To enhance and complement these presences, two American artists are invited to join the process of creation: Christina Clark, poet, and Oren Bloedow, musician. 
Together they conceive the musical tissue of the duet. A four-part score takes place and questions the juxtaposition of these different languages.
While the dramaturgy of the bodies crosses postures as that of the performer, the civil man, an enigmatic figure, the sound environment with it’s compounds, music and text, act as vectors of physical, narrative and sequential impulses. The space, reactive , exists in the contractions of bodies, in the variability of the volumes, in the drawing circumferences, circles and spirals, it accompanies the vertiginous suspensions and supports the ephemeral collapses.
The physical and emotional relation between the bodies is confronted with the poetic writing and is stimulated by it.
Voice and music, syncopated and measured responds to the endurance, the fluctuation and the drives of these bodies in motion. 
The music creates rapture, and act as an interlude, the voice implies, invades, expresses, emphasizes, tells… Together, they develop a fragmented score, tinged with feelings, impulses, rhythms and respirations.
The correspondence of several creative lines multiplies the interpretations of this score in several voices and questions sense and the senses.
embrace creates a symbolic receptacle which contains disparate artistic voices, transporting this choreographic work on its journey to bring relation into being… 
a reflection on the existence of one through another.

Creation January 17-19 2012 in Paris, Festival Faits d'Hiver


Duration : 1 hour

Choreographed and performed by: Edmond Russo, Shlomi Tuizer

Music: Oren Bloedow

Text: Christina Clark

Lighting design: Laurence Halloy

Sound: Jérôme Tuncer

Choreographic assistant: Ariane Guitton

Production : Affari Esteri

Coproduction : Le Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble (accueil studio), le Centre Chorégraphique National Ballet de Lorraine (accueil studio), le CDC Paris-Réseau (Micadanses, l'Atelier de Paris, le Regard du Cygne, l'Etoile du Nord), Art Danse CDC Dijon Bourgogne, l'aide en production et diffusion d'ARCADI.

Avec le soutien de l'Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson, du Centre national de la danse à Pantin (prêt de studio), du studio Le Regard du Cygne (prêt de studio), de Danse à Lille / CDC Roubaix Nord Pas de Calais (accueil studio), du Studio Kelemenis à Marseille (prêt de studio) et de l'Espace Dérives à Champigny-sur-Marne dans le cadre des Plateaux Solidaires d'Arcadi.

The association Affari Esteri is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Ile-de-France