Guerrieri e Amorosi

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« …Guerrieri e Amorosi is undoubtedly a precious object, of magnificent skill, and with no shortage of breath when it's energy defies the luminous power, of the sometimes almost exalted music that confronts the finesse of the gesture features... » 

« …There is a quality of a burning bush here, a quicksilver nuance there, in that limpid dance, enlivened by very consistent active forces of duality, seized in the dynamics of the gap in absence, rather than the insistence of face-to-face… »

« …A strange duo, where one of the two partners, even if most frequently physically absent, remains an intensely invested protagonist.. »

« … It is then fascinating to see how, even absent, the performer who is not seen continues to have a retentive power, of reminiscence and casted shadow on what his partner is currently executing alone. This creates a void that is occupied with palpable alterity… »

Gérard Mayen, january 2015


« …The dance of one pulls it’s strength from the feeling in the other’s dance and it’s singular intimacy… This is the place of a space that is presumed empty, a fugue of love and death, which controls sensitive new bounds by attraction and repulsion, crescendo… »

« … Separated the solos of Aurore Di Bianco and Yann Cardin are not really, because when she dances, he is present within her like a proposition, and when he falls, she tries to catch breath after his impact… »

« …Traces emphasize unity and seperation, solo and choir, under the piano and the guitar of New York’s duo Elysian Fields and the words of Jennifer Charles, serving expectations, the risk of invisibilty and the permanence of the relationship…
We do not know if what is played here is being replayed, or if it only starts. If one is only the shadow, the ghost or the extension of the other. A "phantom named lover" causing palpitations that sometimes resonate, and two bodies carrying signs that are as fragile as their trace is powerful… »

Cathia Engelbach, 31 janvier 2015