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In the course of these last years of creation, the central articulation of our artistic work drew its identity from the interrogation of choreographic and mouvement research.

It is an interpretive journey fed by vectors of spatial and temporal tension, but also by sensory shifts of a moving environment.

Today, for this new creation, the dramaturgy of the bodies will continue to expose itself by pursuing the question of « being together », driven by new physical challenges.

A piece for 6 dancers, "Lings", will question the space which exists between the surfaces of bodies, space which brings us closer and pushes us away, which retracts and expands, which affects and reveals us.

The skin, the double skin, the extension of the skin, as insulating or conductive vector of energy, of friction.

The choreography evolves in a cyclic articulation which questions the temporality of the actions;

Anonymous and dense bodies, covered, collide and are absorbed...

Related by a common "skin" as a surface of exchange...

From game to discovery, from  thrusts of energy to symbolic reversals.

Crossed by changeable states, the group builds itself, becomes closer and constructs a shared space.

Seen as a musical score, the acts orchestrate a network of relations. 

The dialectic of the bodies aims towards alteration, the weaving of gestures appears as an instrumental phrasing evoking breath, vibration and pulsation.

The idea of "Being together", in the course of this interpretative journey and through these articulated and expressive skins, becomes the dynamic support of an incarnated space. 

To specify our comment which articulates around the skin as a surface of exchange and the sense that it carries, we use covering materials, the first of which is felt.

This material will allow the bodies to exercise multiple functions : protection, resistance, isolation, absorption.

The disappearance of the felt reveals surfaces that are closer to the skin, they channel and characterize the cohabitation of the group by giving it sensitive, vibrating and symbolic supports...

One of the choreographic aspects of this work, would be to affirm and to pursue our research through the reconstruction and the transformation of signs ; signs of the body on one hand, and signs of its diverse envelopes on the other hand.

The semiological reinstatement colors our choreographic universe with an incarnation of bodies occupied with transcending time and space… to travel in these fields of perception where stories are being given, lived, shared and recognized in the multiplicity of points of view.